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Amber Crowell

Simple Stories Founder/Creative Director

Hello! We're husband and wife team Amber and Kevin Crowell! Our story begins in 2002 in the basement of our family home where we had a dream of creating a business for paper crafters and hobbyists to share their passion for memory keeping as home-based scrapbook consultants.  This little start up business called MemoryWorks was the just the beginning of our journey and inspired us to dream even bigger dreams  - which soon evolved into developing time-saving scrapbook products that inspire memory keepers every where to share their stories in a simply!


As a busy wife, mother and business owner I loved creating scrapbook pages of my family. But with so many photos and not enough time, I soon become overwhelmed and frustrated with my hobby. I dreamed of creating beautiful, meaningful albums that would showcase my favorite photos and memories - yet in a simple and creative way. This sparked an idea for an easy album solution, so geared with my creativity and entrepreneurial spirit we took the leap and created our own Simple Stories brand of products, featuring time-saving scrapbooking products that allows customers to share their story simply.


With a big dream and bare-bones budget, we took our product idea to the CHA Winter 2011 show in Los Angeles to showcase our new products to paper crafting retailers across the globe. It was an instant success and Simple Stories has quickly become one of the leading brands in the paper crafting industry today.

  Together with our amazing team members who we consider family (some of which actually are family!), Simple Stories has experienced tremendous growth and continues to design and introduce beautiful designs and simple scrapbook solutions to the paper crafting market.  We love our retailers and customers and feel so blessed to work in this amazing industry!

xo, Kevin & Amber


Kevin and Amber Crowell live in Northern Utah with their 3 beautiful children.



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