United We Stand! by Christine Meyer

United We Stand! by Christine Meyer
Stars, Stripes, & Sparklers is not only a fabulous Simple Set but it also does just what it's called; it makes things simple.  As the time was approaching to create this layout, I had an overly hectic schedule.  By combining this Simple Set with a Page Template - I was able to quickly create this layout!  Christine joining you today with a 4th of July layout - let's take look at how it came together.
Design 3 of the Page Templates includes spots for six 3 X 4 photos.  I only had five that I wanted to use so I easily filled the sixth spot with a 3 X 4 card, providing a perfect subtitle for my page.  
One of the things that feels like such a relief when I pull out these Page Templates is that they can take some of the overthinking out o the process.  They get you started with the photo placement and you can take off from there.  And while they make that part simple, it doesn't mean you can't still get creative with your layout.  I created my base by cutting apart the stripes on this paper and using both the front and back of it to create stripes.  I distressed the bottom edge. All those combine to make it look like  a much more complicated layout!
Whenever I create a grid style layout it can be hard to determine where to put the title.  For this one, the USA cardstock sticker nicely anchors the whole layout with it's placement.  I also added some punched stars and cardstock stickers to make it pop.
As always the cardstock stickers in this set combine a great mixture of both words and icons, allowing you to assemble great clusters!
Although I didn't use the yellow paper in my grid - I did like it's addition to the color makeup of the set and decided to use it in embellishing.  I love the way that it makes things pop a little more and also it makes it a little bit less of a standard looking 4th of July layout.
Having mentioned the yellow, I have to mention how much I love the various shades of blue in this collection as well!  That was exactly why I chose this exact 3 X 4 card over the other options on that patterned paper sheet.
If you want to see how this whole layout come together, head to my YouTube Channel for a process video!
Thanks so much for stopping by today!

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