Summer Snapshots Cards

Summer Snapshots Cards
Hello! If you like interactive cards, you will enjoy what I have to show you today. Aline’s here and I am so excited to share an easy way to make an interactive or pop-up card.
You will need a strip of 10 ½ x 5 ⅛ inches, crease it into 3 equal parts of 3 ½ inches vertically, then crease ¾ inches horizontally at the top and repeat at the bottom, crease 1 ¾ inches vertically from the corners to the center and cut a straight horizontal line between those creases.
It seems complicated but take a good look at the result before cutting and you will see that it is simple!
Once this is done, fold it like an accordion, making the top and bottom strips go in the opposite direction, this fold will make all the interesting movement of this card.
Now, decorate to your liking! I decided to add a 4 x 3 inches card on the cover, a white cardstock in the center, so we can write a message and a couple of detail in the third part to enhance it. Layering elements using foam dots also look very beautiful in this composition.
Thank you for visiting Simple Stories blog, I’ll be back soon for more inspiration.

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