Strike Up The Fun! by Jeanne Jachna

Strike Up The Fun! by Jeanne Jachna

It’s time to get your game on with the new Simple Stories Family Fun Collection! It’s a day of fun and games, staying in, or headed out! Let’s take a closer look! 



I love the bright colors that just make me want to get up and go!  And like each and every Simple Stories collection my mind is filled with memories of good times spent TOGETHER.



The competition is tough when you’re surrounded by family – because we never hold anything back. Whether you’re a fan of video games, bowling, mini golf, or master of the game board you’ll love all the images and details that you’ll find in this collection. 



My kids are grown now, but I feel like the time spent together playing games has kept us close throughout the years. The time spent together gave us time to talk about our lives and learn more about each other. 



Keeping score always helped teaching math skills and taking turns made sure that everyone had a chance to steal the spotlight.



I was delighted when my kids and their partners joined us for our most recent vacation. I packed dominos and a pack of playing cards and YES!!! We had a few very late nights snacking, talking, and catching up.



With COVID we avoided the theatres, but we still enjoy a movie at home! Pass the buttered popcorn please! There was some time for a little mini golf. The winners still talking smack and putting the rest of us to shame.  



This collection has it all.. score cards, game pieces, playing cards, game boards, fun colorful spinners and even the snacks – popcorn, drinks and candy too! 



I know that these cards will bring the recipients the same recollections I have – of rainy days spent indoors, and family time together! You’ll love the Family Fun Collection for cards and documenting the perfect days in your life. 

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