So In Love! by Christine Meyer

So In Love! by Christine Meyer
If you have been looking for a wedding collection that is both versatile and full of stunning patterns, look no further. This collection literally made me gasp when I opened it up to look at it! I'm 20 years out from my wedding and I still wanted to use it for a wedding picture! I decided to do a play off the popular social media post "How It Started" and "How It's Going" where people post an early picture from their relationship and then a current one. Let's take a look at how it came together!
Although I focused primarily on the lighter colors in this collection, there are a lot of black and dark gray options in it as well. I was absolutely drawn to the two main papers I used today.
These two papers titled "Romance" and "Now and Forever" are light and airy and have that trendy farmhouse feel to them. The geometric shape on Romance is printed in gold foil. I knew that I had to find a way to use both of these papers for my layout. I actually pulled them out and looked at them and let them sit for a couple days, contemplating how to work with both!!! While beautiful for a wedding layout, these can also work on a variety of layout themes.
Creating my subtitle was easy thanks to the Sticker Book. I used the small block letters and a ruler to spell it out.
To see how I combined my papers you will want to check out my YouTube Channel. I'm not sure words can do justice to the process but I will try! I used a craft knife to trim along the top edges of the floral border on "Now and Forever." Then I fussy cut the entire geometric shape and flowers out on the "Romance" paper. I left a small white border on that. I then tucked that into the fussy cut border of "Now and Forever." 
You can see that small white border in this picture. I felt like leaving the border helped to make it pop even more on the other paper.  
I built out the rest of the details of my layout, including my big Love title, using a combination of Chipboard, Puffy Stickers, and Bits and Pieces.
Even if you are thinking you don't need a wedding collection, I'm here to tell you to take a second look at this one. It's absolutely perfect for a variety of themes and just gorgeous!

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