Make Everyday Awesome! by Jeanne Jachna

Make Everyday Awesome! by Jeanne Jachna

Are you feeling like you need a little sunshine today? Who couldn’t use a little pick me up from the winter blues? I always look to my craft room for a sweet escape that can take me any where I want to go! Today I’ve got the sun on my face and life is good!  



This collection is available in both the 6x8” and 12” and has all the trimmings – chipboard, sticker book, printed and die cut bits and pieces, journal bits and pieces perfect for adding personal notes, decorative brads, washi, enamel dots and so much more.  



One side of each of the 12” sheets feature journaling cards in different sizes with one 3x4” card dedicated to one month of the year. The opposite side of the pattern paper has a fun print. You can use the papers to celebrate the different months and your accomplishments or focus on the paper and prints like I did.



This collection celebrates the simple things... the everyday that we might sometimes take for granted. I think it’s about surrounding yourself with beautiful things, enjoying a night out and making connections with family and friends. 



As soon as I receive a collection, I pop out the chipboard and spread out all the bits and pieces. I like to sort them into groups – for this collection I put the flowers in one pile, foods in another, and sentiments in another etc.  



Next, I arrange the images on pieces of clear plastic the size of my card front.  Having the images sorted helps me with arrangements and ensures I know exactly what images I have to work with.  



The clear sheets allow me to slip different pattern papers underneath so I can see which ones work best with the images I selected. 



My favorite part is adding embellishments! This collection has decorative brads, washi, enamel dots, and stickers so you can personalize and add as much bling as you like! 



Seize the day and celebrate the small victories! Surround yourself with the people and things you love and enjoy a new year that’s filled with lots of possibilities.

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