Live Simply! by Mehna

Live Simply! by Mehna

Hello everyone! How are you? I hope you are doing great, Mehna here today on the blog! Do you have a favorite recipe? Do you want something to keep your recipes safe? Let's create a recipe book together!



Here I am using a 7x8" chipboard base. And I'm using the bright patterns from the NEW Heath & Home collection! I am also using colored rings for layers.

Next, we need to design the cover page! I found a leaf wreath from the collection that I decided to use as inspiration. I used the back side of the 4x6 elements page to create a wreath and added some floral bits and some stickers. This is one of my favorite collections - there is so much inspiration you can take from it!


To layer I decided to use 6.5x7.5" patterned paper. I cut out some of the letter signs from the 'Welcome Home' paper and arranged them on the page. I also added some space for pictures and journaling, then embellished the rest with floral bits and enamel dots.


I just love all of the bits from this collection! And just look at the washi tape! Have you seen the new packaging? I love the new mini sizes of washi tapes - I added some strips to highlight the quotes and phrases!


The elements are so cute and fun! I loved the little wood homes in the collection, so I decided to fussy cut them and add them into this next page. I just love the outcome of this!

Giving some space for photos and recipes, I'm also highlighting space with washi tape. 


One of my most favorite things from this collection is the floral bits and pieces. For this page I used those and cut floral elements from different papers in the collection. 


Time for the recipes! I highlighted the space with yellow stripes of the patterned paper and made a checkered pattern. 


Now all of our favorite recipes and memories can be kept in a wonderful book! Nice to look at, amazing to use!(; 

I hope you liked this project, and have an amazing day!


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