Live Life In Color 6x8 Flipbook

Live Life In Color 6x8 Flipbook
Live Life in Color
Hello Friends, It’s Dorymar today with a colorful project with the new Simple Vintage Essentials Color Palette collection. This collection it’s very versatile, you have an option to use a cool or warm color palette. Also, you will find a lot of beautiful floral designs and adorable butterflies.
Because it is a vintage collection, I used the Whitewashed 6x8 Flipbook to match the collection. I created a big cluster on the cover with different layers and patterns. It features the photo frames, 6x8 patterned papers and the gorgeous die cuts included in the collection. I used a ¾” black ribbon to close the album to highlight the colors on the cover. I love the result!
Another fun detail for this project is that I used the flipbook horizontally. This is a different way to use them; you can use your imagination to flip through all the designs. In this spread, you can see how fun they look and how beautiful the designs are.
My favorite process is always creating flaps and pockets. Here, you can appreciate a double pocket on the 6x4 pocket page and an Insert page with another pocket filled with a hefty tag and card to have more space for photos and journaling.
Decorating the small pocket pages is always fun. Putting it all together is fantastic. They look so crafty and gorgeous!
One new option Simple Stories offers in this collection is the Sentiments Bits. They are so helpful in adding titles to your pages and projects.
As always, I love adding many layers, dimension, and textures to my projects. Looking thru the pieces is always a game to have fun creating. Simple Stories offers many options to embellish your albums and have a fun time.
This album has many beautiful details, and you can find different combinations of colors at every turn. Remember to grab the Vintage Essential Color Palette collection in your favorite store.
Thanks for stopping by and have a fun and crafty day. Get inspired.
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  • Vanessa: April 16, 2024

    Would love the instructions for this album.

  • Patti runnie: April 16, 2024

    This is amazing! I too wo like to know if there is a kit or INSTRUCTIONS 🥰

  • LOri nelson: April 15, 2024

    This is adorable!!! Any chance this is a kit or at least instructions..I would even be happy with pictures of each page. This is a great idea I have .ade one similar one other ti.e and was just talking about wanting to do it again… great job!!!!

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