Blessed & Loved! by Jeanne Jachna

Blessed & Loved! by Jeanne Jachna

There’s just no place like home – especially around the holidays when family is close to mind and in our hearts.  Simple Stories “The Simple Life” collection celebrates everything that makes your house a home. 



I love the little houses, comfy chairs and household items that make our lives more comfortable and make “home” our “special place” that is uniquely ours.  A place that is welcoming to visitors and make them want to sit and stay awhile. 



The papers include stripes, plaids, and florals perfect for “wallpaper” backgrounds and faux carpet and flooring so you can arrange the perfect little comfy corner scene! 



Every collection has some pretty florals and this one is no exception.  I loke the whimsical designs and little star centers.   They pair perfectly with the little butterflies in the Floral Bits pack. 



The collection includes all the extras.. three different packs of bits and pieces, enamel dots, decorative brads, washi, and a sticker book too!  



This collection comes as close to “monochrome” as any I’ve ever seen from Simple Stories.  The collection is shades of green with lots of neutrals – charcoal, grey, black and brown thrown in as accents.   That means that any way you arrange the elements, they’re going to work together seamlessly. 



Isn’t this scene so inviting?  Splitting the background helps define the flooring from the walls, and a little butterfly suncatcher (decorative brad) hangs in the windows on the door.  



The darker prints are easy to “lighten up” by using them as backgrounds and adding layers of lighter prints on top.  Journaling cards and bits are perfect for creating focal points and breaking up busier pattern papers. 



Home really is my favorite place in the whole world.  This collection makes me appreciate how blessed I really am and enjoy the simpler things I might take for granted like a home cooked meal or my favorite chair by the window where I like to sit and read.  

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