Baby It's Cold Outside

Baby It's Cold Outside

Hello again, I’d like to show you how I set my Ivory A5 Carpediem planner up for January using the Sub Zero collection by Simple Stories.

As always I started by decorating the pockets using an assortment of the ‘bits & pieces’ and chipboard pieces. I also like to use some of the 12x12 papers which I cut down to fit, this ties in all the colours nicely.

The next thing that I do is make a dashboard, I cut my chosen 12x12 paper to size and use the Carpediemplanner A5 punch for the holes. Using the cut aparts is a great way to add detail to your dashboard. 

I also made a pocket divider, it’s very simple to do.  Use an existing divider to draw around as a template but leave the bottom with a few extra inches to fold up, then just punch the holes and use some double sided tape or glue on the sides of the pocket. These are useful to keep your stickers, journaling cards or like I’ve done, co ordinating paper tags which you can use to journal on, list make or even add some sticky notes too. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed a peek inside my January planner, you can find more detailed pictures on my IG account